"Sorry Blondie, I don't do backstory." Flynn Rider, Tangled.

So far I've been a business owner, combat veteran in the Army, ambulance driver, headhunter, management consultant, writer, mom, divorced, step-mom, I did a divorce for a friend (with kids), done taxes for others for years, admin, and so many other things.. Kerri of all Trades. 

So, why am I writing a blog? Because I had a bad couple years. I came home from being deployed and got divorced, so I had to start over. I struggled with severe anxiety and depression for years until I discovered that I was really battling PTSD. The terrible thing about PTSD is left untreated it gets worse. So I spent 2 1/2 years in a private hell. Then I started to get treated, first with counseling then with medication, and then things started to get better. I got a job that I really loved, as an IT recruiter, had my career path set before me with a decent salary plus bonuses, and an impending promotion that would make things so much better. Then they restructured. I was laid off. In a matter of minutes my bright future, my plans, they came crashing down. I lost not only the job I loved, but the people were like family. I was heartbroken. Then I tell my ex-husband what was going on, maybe I can recruit a new admin for him since he needed one. He offered to just let me work for him instead, after all, the company was the one we had started together. It was great. We were able to get past our hurt from the divorce and be friends, and then work together growing our business. After a few weeks, major changes being planned out, finally seeing the company going from barely afloat and not yet profitable, to seeing it be what it could really be. Then his financial partner found out that he had hired his ex-wife. Not that we had intentionally kept it from him, but that it didn't matter, I was the best person for the job. He threw a fit and threatened to pull his money (and shut down the company) if my ex didn't fire me immediately. Heartbroken again. 

So here I am, Kerri of all Trades, master of none, and need to take care of my family. I decided that I will take every writing gig I can get my hands on, and every other little thing to make money and build this blog. See if I can make enough money to take care of the bills and take care of my kids. 

Now you know my story.

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